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[stm_partners][stm_partners_item title=”Alfarparf Milano” logo=”1567″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”We offer keratin therapy and hydra texture permanent straight, evolution colour and colour wear toner. Additionally, we use different types of semi dilano shampoos and conditioner.
” link=”url:%23||”][stm_partners_item title=”Schwarzkopf” logo=”1618″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”Blondme premium lift service with anti yellow effect creates the blonde iconic looking. Additionally, toner available in lilac, sand, caramel, strawberry, beige, steel blue, ice in lift and toning and white blend three range. Furthermore, retail products available in haircare such as cool and warm blonde shampoo and mask or BC bonacure range including repair, colour save, fibreforce, scalp genesis shampoo and serum, Q10 treatment, Miracle oil and mist spray.
Styling product: Osis+ hair spray, Osis+ pigmented dry shampoo; silhouette hair spray, 3D mension men’s style gel and wax.
” link=”url:%23||”][stm_partners_item title=”Olaplex” img_size=”166×96″ description=”Industry leading brand, trustworthy repair result with salon exclusive treatment.
No. 3 Bond maintenance conditioner 100ml available to buy at €40.

” link=”url:%23||” logo=”1626″][stm_partners_item title=”Joico” logo=”1570″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”A Japanese premium hair care brand: retail products such as the pigment dry shampoo for roots grey instant coverage after blow dry. Spray available in brunette, dark brown, black, blonde colour. Get great quality with standard market value €12.95 each.
” link=”url:%23||”][stm_partners_item title=”Mary Cohr Facials” logo=”1624″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”Est 30 years, French brand, well know in Paris:
Skin arrange available for combination skin, Swhite range for anti brown spot, dry skin, anti-age skin, Treatment available in peel and lift, beauty aromatic( prescription facial with steamer deep cleansing)
” link=”url:%23||”][stm_partners_item title=”Aroma Waxing” logo=”1628″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”Great value, good quality, local supplier so that our waxing prices are more affordable
” link=”url:%23||”][stm_partners_item title=”CND Nails” logo=”1577″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”Regular polish with vinylux polish, shellac nails update with seasonal colour. It’s an American premium brand with great quality, easy removal because time is money
” link=”url:%23||”][stm_partners_item title=”Jessica Nails” logo=”1573″ img_size=”166×96″ description=”British premium brand for regular polish: Geleration professional soak off gel polish” link=”url:%23||”][/stm_partners]

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