Ruth Bannan

Last minute hair appointment on a Friday evening and they were so accommodating and friendly. They did a fantastic curly blow dry for a hen weekend which lasted ALL weekend and looked amazing. Lovely hairdresser from Brazil did my hair but I can’t remember his name. Thanks guys 

Sarah Manosperta

Amazing experience! I go there regularly because they are always very nice and professional. I recommend it!

Gilly Anne

I regularly drop into Charming to get my nails done and every time they get the 5 star treatment. The service is friendly, great value and very accommodating. I’ve also had my hair cut and a curly blow dry and was delighted with it. I highly recommend a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Laura Guiot

Very good experience at the salon! I’ve got an appointment very quickly in order to fix a previous bad haircut (from another place). The staff was very friendly and advised me well. I definitely recommend this place.

Audrey Guilloux

The hairdresser just did a fantastic job :D! I am so happy, I usually spend 2 to 3 times more for the same service and this result went largely over my expectations. The place looks quite simple, but the staff is absolutely friendly and professional. Thanks a million!

Alouise D.

I was at the Garda office, waiting on my GNIB card, when I decided to head out for a bit (instead of waiting 5 hours) when I came upon this salon. I was long overdue for an eyebrow and face wax so I walked in and asked if they had time for an appointment, and they did. The lady was nice, and professional. They did a waxing and threading (for those tricky little buggers that don’t wanna gtfo). It was my first time threading, but they do the waxing first so the threading part isn’t bad. Actually I preferred this to waxing and then tweezing (like I’ve had done at other salons). The threading seemed to be a lot more accurate.

The appointment took 15 minutes maybe, and after I didn’t look like a Yeti (not that it helped my GNIB photo..that just looks awful). The price was about €25, which seemed really reasonable to me. I only got the waxing done, but I was quite happy and would come back again, maybe try for a haircut, another time.